October 11, 2023
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Anthony Lister has made a career by shattering conventional norms in contemporary art. His work, a calculated fusion of street and fine art, commands global attention and has found its way into some of the most important collections on the planet.

This reputation is solidified by exhibitions like "Modern Masters" and the newly launched "Dirty Laundry" in NYC. He employs a blend of traditional and modern methods, combining classic painting and drawing techniques with aerosol applications. This duality has elevated street art and redefined its global acceptance and respect.

Beyond galleries, Lister's influence extends to academic discourse. His work is the subject of scholarly studies and has been dissected for its revolutionary impact on contemporary art. Amplifying his cultural importance, the 2017 documentary "Have You Seen the Listers?" offers an unfiltered look into his life and ascent.

SHDW and Lister are now working together to turn their energy towards redefining media art. This project marks a pivotal chapter in his evolving career. To kick things off, SHDW will unveil a series of monthly animations by Lister, utilizing web3 technology for distribution, and setting the stage for Lister and his collectors to engage in a future of ambitious projects. The initial edition size starts at 10 and will incrementally expand every three months, rewarding early collectors with the most exclusive, lowest edition works.

Collectors will also gain priority access to future releases and exclusive channels on the SHDW Discord, serving as a privileged gateway into Lister's future works.

The objective of this collaboration is to experiment and explore this new world. Given Lister's history of iconoclasm, this project is bound to create a new standard for media art. SHDW and Lister both perceive media art as an integral part of the contemporary art landscape—a landscape that has yet to be properly explored. Given Lister's history of challenging norms, this project is set to find revolutionary ways to integrate contemporary physical and media art.


Animation collaboration: Anthony Lister + Nick McGavern
will be released at 10am EST on the 26th October 2023.

The edition is limited to 10 pieces, priced at .2 eth.


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