Anthony Lister

Lister's work, a masterful blend of contemporary paint and street art, has garnered him worldwide acclaim and a spot in esteemed collections like the National Gallery of Australia and those of notable collectors such as Hugh Jackman and Pharrell Williams. His range of techniques, from classic painting to aerosol applications, has elevated the status of street art. Now, as part of the /MEDIA/ project, he aims to redefine the art world yet again by challenging traditional boundaries and pioneering an outsider approach to media art.

SHDW will release a new animated piece from the /MEDIA/ series each month, showcasing Lister's ongoing experimentation. With extremely limited editions starting at just 10 pieces, and exclusive access to a private SHDW channel, we're gathering a select cadre of collectors. These editions will incrementally expand every three months, offering early collectors the most exclusive works. Ownership of a prior piece grants you first dibs on upcoming releases. This community will not only align with Lister's vision but also experience the birth of his groundbreaking work in real-time.