February 19, 2024
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by Anthony Lister

Anthony Lister's "SOCIETY" becomes the latest addition to the /MEDIA/ series. A vivid portrayal of the clown prince's chaotic essence, captured in a 59-second animation that showcases Lister's signature, unfiltered style.

Available in a limited edition of 10, each piece is priced at 0.2 ETH.
The release is set for 21/02/24 at 9 AM EST, exclusively on FOUNDATION.

Ownership provides exclusive access to print releases, original art, and competition rewards, alongside direct interactions with Lister via member-only Discord channels on SHDW.

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Anthony Lister's profound impact on contemporary art is attributed to his daring blend of street and fine art, earning him acclaim as one of Australia's foremost painters. Esteemed by cultural figures like Hugh Jackman and Pharrell Williams, his art has made significant inroads in prestigious spaces such as the Urban Nation Museum in Berlin, a focal point for urban contemporary art. Furthermore, his creations have been displayed in notable museums and galleries, including the Allouche Gallery in New York, marking his trailblazing presence in the art community.

The /MEDIA/ project, a sequence of monthly media art unveilings, places Lister at the vanguard of the sector, offering a raw and exploratory view on media art that mirrors his approach to street art. Leveraging web3 tokengating, the project grants collectors exceptional access to Lister's realm, encompassing early access to editions and original pieces, entry to Lister's Discord channel, exclusive launches, gifts, and firsthand insights through direct interaction with Lister himself.

Lister's shift towards digital media is set to transform the contemporary art scene. The descriptors "raw" and "unfiltered" are rarely applied to the traditionally methodical world of media art—until now. SHDW.gallery extends an invitation to collectors to participate as Lister reimagines the field of media art.


/MEDIA/ by Anthony Lister is a series of monthly art drops, exclusive to FOUNDATION. FOUNDATION has proven to be a standout platform for the promotion and innovation of media art in web3. The platform and its team's unwavering focus on authenticity and high-quality art, independent of market trends, has established FOUNDATION as a pillar in the future of media art. SHDW.gallery is proud to collaborate with FOUNDATION and its community to produce and present media art projects.


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