November 11, 2017
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Tattooed sumo stars as artist Shohei Otomo brings his ballpoints to Melbourne
Peeling Back Layers: Diving into Shohei Otomo's Intricate Clash of Cultures

Shohei Otomo has been making waves in the world of art, and the international community is taking notice. An in-depth profile has been published, examining Otomo's unique approach to art through his unparalleled ballpoint illustrations.

The article provides a fascinating insight into Otomo's artistic process, his innovative solo exhibition titled ORA ORA, and the cultural conflicts his artwork addresses. Notably, Otomo's awe-inspiring sumo sculpture comes under the spotlight.

Want to dive deeper into Otomo's world of intricate details and dramatic clashes of culture? Click here to read the full article. An intriguing exploration of traditional Japanese culture's evolving identity awaits you.

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