April 26, 2022
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Shintaro Kago releases first PFPs
The first edition of 'YOUR FACE IS FUCKED UP', a limited edition of 15 PFPs.

Following the announcement of his blockchain-based anime last month, master Shintaro Kago produced a limited edition of 15 collector portrait (PFPs).

The PFP phenomenon has continued to develop since the launch of CryptoKitties, a generative on-chain project released in 2017. To celebrate this cornerstone of crypto culture, collectors of Kago’s genesis 444 editions were able to burn for their own custom PFPs.

Collectors with Classic PFPs chose from any of the “Your Face is Fucked Up” styles, submitting their avatar or their face for subversion. Meanwhile, EPIC PFPs collectors received an in-person creative session with Kago-san, resulting in a fully customised PFP brief and creative control of the final piece. Popular requests included variations of the RTFKT community’s CloneX project, led by co-founder Benoit Pagotto and community leaders.

Your Face is Fucked Up will continue with another edition of PFPs produced by the ero guro godfather, all while he continues to work on storyboards and character designs for his DRP-produced film behind the scenes.

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