July 13, 2023
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SHDW Verification
Flippers, Collectors, and Artists

SHDW.gallery continues to lead in the fusion of physical and digital art. We're introducing a new tool to bolster this position: the Verification Process.

Flipping has been identified as a major disruptor in our community, undermining artists and devaluing artworks by turning them into quick cash grabs. SHDW.gallery is deploying the Verification Process to counteract this issue.

The Verification Process, though in development, has a straightforward mandate: protect genuine collectors, deter flippers. We are ensuring our limited edition and high-value artworks find a home with those who value the essence of art. This is about honoring our community of collectors and elevating their experience on our platform.

The verification path is clear. Establish an account, make an introduction on our Discord, share your collection. If you don't use Discord, then email us. Same Same. This procedure allows us to maintain an environment that nurtures genuine appreciation for art.

The Reiwa book by Shohei Otomo stands as the first exclusive release for our verified collectors. This is just the beginning, with more exclusive releases on the horizon. This underscores our unwavering commitment to offering unparalleled experiences to our users.

SHDW.gallery's commitment to disrupting the art world, bridging the divide between physical and digital art, and delivering first-class projects and artworks remains stronger than ever.

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