June 20, 2022
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Live with Shintaro Kago
Our second community-led AMA with Kago-sama

Do you plan on doing any kind of generative work in the future?

Yes for animation, long live-action film, 3D works, 3D anime, manga and installation art.

Which of your pieces are you most attached to and why?


In Japanese "Birth of a Nation" English title "ABSTRACTION". This is my best works expressing my experimental way of thinking.

What is your favourite art by other artists, what's your favourite film and what's your favourite music to listen to?


European abstract paintings from the early 1900s, American abstract paintings from the 1950s, Dali and surrealist works, woodblocks from the Edo period, ink paintings and calligraphy.


American silent comedies from the 20s, HK movies from the 70s and 80s, American film noir from the 40s, horror movies, sci-fi, experimental films.


Noise music and music samples.

Do you think and draw or draw and think? If you think and draw, where are your favourite thinking places? If you draw and think, what stimuli do you use to pivot your thought process?


It goes either way for me.


My neighborhood local kissaten or cafe in English.


Sleep. When I am snuggled into my duvet, a lot of ideas pop up for me.

Your art is highly unique. Where do you get your inspiration from?


Books, movies, art, conversations with people, and everyday news.

Which manga most inspired you to start drawing manga of your own?

大友克洋の「AKIRA」、士郎正宗の「Ghost in the shell」。

Katsuhiro Otomo's AKIRA, Ghost in the shell by Masamune Shiro.

Are you a cat fan?


I like cats but I don't have one. I have a dog and an Axolotl.

What is the most important part of your art ?


To be able to create diverse and new expression.

What parts of Japan do you find inspirational?


Tokyo. You can find everything inspirational in Tokyo. Movie theaters, art exhibits, various interesting shops.

What's your hobby? (outside of art)


I love collecting things. Books, DVDs, video cassete tapes, international paper money, figurines, robot toys, stuffed animals, off the shelf dessert labels and takeaway bags, medical instruments and specimens.

What does your art mean to you?


New ways of expression. Invention.

How would you draw your own portrait?


I would have my face outlined first then just digitalize it.

I would just create my PFP so that it looked nice without any crazy effect on it.

Have you ever had your work tattooed on someone?


I have had many people ask for my permission to use my art from IG for their tattoo and I have also been commissioned to create tattoo art before.

How do you feel about generative art engines, such as Dall-E 2? How do you think it will affect art and artists?


AI will most likely have a great impact in the art industry. However, I believe that artists will continue to create art by hand.

What request have you gone "oh that's fucked, no way I'm doing that"? Or did you end up doing it anyway?


No, I have not rejected any requests for that reason. The only times that I have declined requests was when I did not have the time to complete them. Nothing makes me say no.

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