August 22, 2023
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Floating": A New Era for Shintaro Kago
Exclusive Limited Edition Animation Unveiled by

Good news for Shintaro Kago fans and collectors: and Shintaro Kago have commenced an exclusive series of artwork on Foundation. The initial release, "Floating," heralds a succession of five limited edition animations.

A distinguished Japanese illustrator, Shintaro Kago's contributions to Manga and Ero Guro have redrawn the boundaries of contemporary art. His latest work, a 36-second animation, presents a surreal spectacle: a Japanese girl, her inner parts floating, set against a backdrop of levitating schoolgirls.

This offering represents a statement of refined artistic purpose. The limited availability—restricted to five editions—accentuates the significance of this launch.

View "Floating" on Foundation, and stay tuned to subsequent releases in this selective series.

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