June 26, 2023
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Snipe1: Blending Boundaries with 'aTUNNEL'
"Breaking the Mold: How Graffiti Meets Contemporary Art in Snipe1's New Masterpiece

Snipe1 is not your ordinary artist. He started his journey in the graffiti-filled streets of Tokyo. Today, he is part of the international art elite, known for his daring and distinctive style.

His latest masterpiece, 'aTUNNEL', epitomizes this evolution. This artwork combines the raw energy of NYC subway graffiti with Snipe1's signature style, telling a story that goes beyond cultural and geographic boundaries.

'aTUNNEL' serves as more than just artistic expression. It's a story of Snipe1's artistic growth, charting his transformation from a graffiti artist in Tokyo's underbelly to a respected figure in the global art scene.

The print also reflects Snipe1's collaborations with renowned artists such as Takashi Murakami and Madsaki. These collaborations, together with the success of his METAMANIAKS solo show in Hong Kong, highlight his growing fame.

With only 25 pieces in existence, 'aTUNNEL' offers more than just the chance to own an original Snipe1 piece. It's an invitation to be part of the artist's evolution and to share in his unfolding narrative.

Snipe1's innovative approach to art is embodied in 'aTUNNEL'. This piece shows how he's grown as an artist, and it reminds us that both art and artists are constantly evolving. This is more than just a print - it's a vibrant testament to the boundless potential of art and the artist behind it.

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