SHDW.residency a privately run, annual residency program in Melbourne, Australia. Our goal is to find young, international artists with exceptional talent and to help them develop projects in Australia.

Hosted annually from November to January, SHDW.residency provides artists with a studio, a documentary film-maker / photographer as well as help developing satellite projects aimed at giving the artists a once in a life time experience. Each residency concludes with a private exhibition for collectors, featuring a small collection of work and summary presentation of the project.

We cant express how lucky we feel to be starting this new program with Masaho Anotani.

A combination of collage, aerosol and illustration, Masaho's artwork is surreal and luminous. He describes himself as a Shaman who uses artwork to communicate the sacred and explain the unexplainable. This is evident through his intuitive practice that extends into every aspect of his life.

Masaho's work has attracted the attention of the Tokyo fashion elite, he has worked with COMME des GARCONS, Louis Vuitton, ZUCCa & Marc Jacobs.

He has given himself entirely to his art and yet, somehow, his work doesn't contain so much as a trace of ego. Masaho Anotani is a rare individual who has the potential to be one of Japan's most important artists.

For the SHDW.residency 2019 program, Masaho Anotani took a studio at the serene Abbotford convent from which he organised a journey to Alice Springs. Guided by curator Ken McGregor and accompanied by a documentary team, Masaho was able to meet and learn from indigenous artists and commune with the ancient spirits.

Inspired by his journey Masaho created the body of work for Dream Hunt, Never Ends an exhibition which will be presented at Metro Gallery in April 2020.

December 2019



Artist Residency
Introducing our annual residency program.
curated by
Masaho Anotani
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Abbotsford Convent
1 St Heliers St
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