The father of Manga Surrealism
Erotic grotesque

"ERO GURO" is a testament to Shintaro Kago's profound influence and relentless innovation in the manga genre. This project presents a unique opportunity for collectors to delve into the world of Kago's first-ever digital art collections. Each piece is an embodiment of Kago's legendary style, unifying horror, dark humor, and eroticism. Collectors are not just acquiring an artwork; they're gaining a part of Kago's digital legacy. This immersive journey into Kago's creative process is supplemented by direct contact with the artist through regular projects, deepening the collector's understanding and appreciation of his work.


"ERO GURO" showcases Shintaro Kago's paramount works, where horror, dark humor, and eroticism become one. Each digital art series puts a spotlight on Kago's game-changing creativity, the driving force behind a significant shift in modern manga and contemporary art. An exclusive invitation to journey through the domain of a true pioneer, and a unique chance to add his most important and iconic work to your collection.

February 10, 2022
June 16, 2022
Eve of Revolution

With each major drop, collectors can exchange their current Kago digital art for a tailor-made PFP, capturing the enigmatic and masterful style of this distinguished contemporary artist's imagination.

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