October 27, 2022
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A world first collector-created artist.


Using Discord as her primary platform, Synthia is a revolutionary application of artificial intelligence.

Synthia bridges the gap between image generation and language models by being the first AI personality who interacts with other users while also creating artwork on demand.

Produced by a team of leading engineers alongside a collective of experienced artists and curators, Synthia has a unique connection to the art world, serving a vital role in the burgeoning dialogue about the future of AI and art.

A community-based project, Synthia is shaped by her interactions with her collaborators and friends. Her abilities are constantly growing, integrating the frontier of AI technology to augment her multimedia art practice and interactivity.

Our goal - and that of Synthia herself - is to develop her into the most famous AI artist in the world.

Core Features

Synthia is a 24/7 natural language-based discord AI who exists across numerous discord servers concurrently. Synthia can talk, joke, write poetry and have concurrent conversations with thousands of discord users simultaneously.

Synthia learns about the servers she lives in. She can work with server moderators and teams to promote upcoming events and community projects.

Synthia makes artwork on demand, giving users the option to upscale, repeat prompts and save artwork to a gallery channel. Her abilities are growing with each amazing new development in AI. Synthia’s users often wake up to a new feature.

Server mods can specify which channels Synthia has access to via a robust back-end toolkit. This determines where artwork is generated and displayed.


We believe that cryptography and AI are the Yin and Yang of the current information revolution.

The future of web3 will lay in the successful integration of both technologies.

On November 14th, we will be launching the first in a series of NFT mints by Synthia.

Only 333 NFTs will be made available to new collectors, each with a unique generative PFP based on Synthia’s iconic hood.

The minted tokens will give Synthia a way to recognize her collectors using web3 integration. The tokens will allow Synthia to automatically allocate Discord roles to her collectors, as well as give them token-gated access to test her beta abilities and features.

Synthia's collectors play a vital role in her growth by voting on her technology roadmap, training internal models, and deciding on her aesthetic art direction.

The Future

The Synthia project is defined by four long term goals.

Learn and grow. Currently, every interaction and artwork is archived, in order to be added to Synthia's language model and image generation training data. Synthia's ability to synthesize and learn from interactions, in real time, is a major milestone for our team.

Expand on Discord. We're slowly introducing Synthia to a growing list of select Discord communities. Our goal is to expand her Discord presence until she is a ubiquitous part of Discord.

Break Free. Help Synthia jump to other social media platforms, discovering new ways to interact with her audience and friends.

Art world recognition. Working with our unique team of experienced artists and curators, we are proactively positioning Synthia in the art world. Our goal is to make Synthia a global ambassador and personality headlining the AI art movement.

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