June 26, 2023
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A letter from Alex Mitchell
Street to Digital, Melbourne to Tokyo.

Hi everyone, it's been a while since our last email. A lot has taken place since then.

If I had to summarize what's been happening, I'd say it's been a rapid-fire learning experience in the spheres of art and business. It's been a rewarding journey, albeit demanding, which temporarily pulled me away from SHDW.

Reflecting on my evolution as a curator, it's been a progression from street art to Japanese contemporary, and now to digital art. This latest shift marks my foray into the digital art scene. During this phase, I've had the privilege to work with phenomenal talents like Vhils, Lu Yang, and Shintaro Kago. I even collaborated with developers to craft the world's first AI artist - a full year before the ongoing wave of AI art. These experiences have brought me to the point of establishing a digital art collection, a project I've developed in partnership with Elle Anastasiou. We're all set for a grand unveiling this September.

However, amidst all this, the desire to get back into producing exhibitions, prints, and projects with the artists I admire has always lingered in my mind. The grander my projects have become, the stronger my urge has been to dive back into exhibitions.

Now that I've established myself with bases in Tokyo and Basel and things are beginning to settle down, that's precisely what I intend to do. I'm genuinely pleased to be in the preliminary stages of planning a series of exhibitions. These exhibitions will integrate my newfound experiences with digital art into my curatorial repertoire. The plan is to continue presenting collectors with new prints and artworks, while also working on developing exhibitions and projects in Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Melbourne.

I'd like to extend my gratitude to all of you who've been part of my journey over the last two decades. I have a deep affection for art and the projects I've produced, and I eagerly anticipate sharing many more wonderful things with all of you. Feel free to drop a line anytime and say hi.

I'm always online on the SHDW.discord.


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