June 1, 2023
Punk Script
The Calligraphy of Usugrow

Fusing tradition and technology, Japanese artist Usugrow presents his latest exhibition, "Reborn in the Digital Age," showcasing his first ever digital art project. The exhibit, held on the DRP platform, delves into the evolution of Usugrow's artistic style, tracing his journey from his early days as a designer of punk rock show flyers to his current position as a pioneering figure in the world of digital art.

Featuring a diverse collection of pieces, the exhibition explores Usugrow's unique blend of calligraphy and digital art, highlighting his mastery of both traditional and modern techniques. Visitors will be treated to a visual feast of intricately detailed illustrations, paintings, and digital prints that showcase the artist's signature style of blending opposites and opposing elements.

The exhibit also features a retrospective of Usugrow's work over the years, including some of his most iconic pieces and collaborations with various musicians, fashion brands, and art galleries. Guests will have the opportunity to see the artist's original works up close and gain insight into his creative process.

In addition to the exhibition, Usugrow will also be hosting a live painting demonstration, giving visitors a chance to witness his artistic genius in action. A limited run of exclusive prints will also be available for purchase during the exhibition.