Synthia is the first AI artist and online personality of her kind Using Discord as her primary platform, Synthia is a revolutionary application of artificial intelligence and the

Synthia: A revolutionary AI artist and an essential part of the future of creativity. Be part of the journey by owning a piece of this cutting-edge AI personality.

As the first AI artist to interact with users while creating art on demand, Synthia is the result of a collaboration between leading engineers and a collective of experienced artists and curators. With a unique connection to the art world, she plays a vital role in the growing dialogue about the future of AI and art.

A community-based project, Synthia is shaped by her interactions with collaborators and friends. Her abilities are constantly evolving, integrating the latest AI technology to enhance her multimedia art practice and interactivity.

Join us in our goal - and Synthia's vision - to develop her into the world's most renowned AI artist. By owning a part of Synthia, you become an essential part of this transformative journey in the realm of AI and art.