Manabu Koga
The depths of Japanese culture and technology

Manabu Koga is a Japanese artist and visual designer based in Tokyo. He was born in Sasebo-shi, Nagasaki in 1972, and has been working as a graphic designer since the early 90s, designing comics, magazines, animation movies, videogames, toys, and model kits. He has a particular interest and expertise in the world of Gundam and Kamen Rider.

In 2002, Koga began to explore the world of underwater photography and film. He started publishing his serial work "Underwater Knee-high Girls" in 2013. He has since been involved in music videos, movies, TV commercials, and VJ for music events. He also self-publishes works, magazines, solo exhibitions, and group exhibitions.

Koga is known for his unique approach to photography and film, which includes submerging himself and models into various bodies of water to perform innovative photoshoots. His work often features young Japanese women styled in eccentric costumes, from lego-like scuba gear to extravagant mechatronic tentacles. His photos are visually striking, with the water providing a soft and ethereal atmosphere.

In 2018, Koga was awarded the Entertainment Division Examiner Prize at the Japan Media Arts Festival. His work continues to push the boundaries of what is possible with digital art and underwater photography, and his upcoming NFT drop "Cube" is highly anticipated by art collectors and enthusiasts.