@Lushsux is considered Australia’s preeminent graffiti artist. The artist is continually navigating the vast network of global media, probing the coverage of celebrities, politicians, and pop-culture for a narrative to spotlight in his next work of art. Comical, confrontational and almost always provocative, @Lushsux’s murals have managed to accrue a high-profile web presence with close to half a million followers on social media.

As divisive as his murals may be, @Lushsux has managed to garner attention on an International scale. He was the only Australian artist selected by Banksy to contribute to ‘Dismaland, Bemusement Park‘ and he has been invited to collaborate at the Walled Off Hotel in Palestine. (Reuters) His work was also included in the ambitious Melbourne Now exhibition, held at the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne.

Despite the self-deprecating humor, there is biting social and political commentary in @Lushsux’s work that can be deciphered by a well-informed observer. @Lushsux’s provocative Hillary Clinton mural depicted the Democratic party nominee in a string-bikini during the 2016 election campaign. It became one of the most coveted artworks of the U.S election. (CNN

@Lushsux work reflects the current disruption sweeping across all established media. Traditional media outlets are falling beneath the advancement of digital distribution, self-publishing, and social media. The result isn’t just a shift in power, but a shift in styles and culture, as the normative values are re-established by the new voice of the media. (ABC) (theAge)

Through memes, trolls and community engagement, @Lushsux echoes the voice of the information revolution like no other artist. His artwork is always a 0-hour-response to world events, created to playfully manipulate the lumbering, established media into a response.

- Alexander Mitchell, 2018
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World's preeminent graffiti troll.
A collection of original work by @Lushsux is currently available.
projects & exhibitions.
Jul 18, 2018
Jul 30, 2018
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